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About Us.

About us: a few words.

Neness perfumery has been operating in Poland since 2015. It took us one year only to win a big and growing number of satisfied customers. Our tiny perfume atomizers are dedicated to women and come in a great range of fragrances featuring high perfume oil content and very low prices. The revolutionary small-size container makes it easy for you to carry your favourite perfume around anywhere. The very practical bottle fits perfectly inside your bag, vanity case, car and even a pocket. Our perfume products are sealed in very elaborate 22ml vials with an atomizer on top. We offer an array of 185 fragrances that will surely satisfy even the most demanding nose. The tiny bottles make them perfect as a gift – a nice surprise when several fragrances are combined into a set of bottles or match your friend’s favourite brand. 22ml bottles are great just about for EVERYBODY who wants to have their fragrance handy at all times, without carrying around the original version which is heavier and often costs 90% more. Looking for LASTING QUALITY FRAGRANCE substitute of the most renowned perfume brands? Well, you have just found it!

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